Basket Inspiration

brenda fairweather on what inspires me to create baskets:

Appalachian Egg basket with white oak splits

Appalachian weavers used natural materials readily available to them to create their baskets. Even though the baskets are created for utilitarian purposes the artistry and skill required to create them put them in a class of artisanry readily recognized and respected globally.

brenda’s baskets are inspirited by the Appalachian weaving traditions and are a product of her love of nature and working with her hands. She uses natural materials found locally in the Shenandoah Valley and the surrounding mountains to create the framework for her unique baskets. Her favorite material is grapevine because of it’s durability, plentifulness and physical characteristics. The handles and ribs are “one of a kind” making each piece of art truly an original.  Colored reed, fabric strips and sea grass are also used for never ending possible combinations.


My basket business name is d’vine baskets by brenda giving credit to our own creator as the source of our creativity.